Three things

Three things about this incredible piece on violence by the TED Radio Hour

  1. To the same degree that CNN is a waste of time, this piece is phenomenal. If someone were to tell me the idea of creating a radio hour of rehashed TED talks, I'd probably vomit. But the actual work is beautiful, enlightening and so valuable to understanding this place we live in. 
  2. There's not more violence in the world, but we suffer from it more than ever. As Steven Pinker's segment proves, violence is declining in our world. So why do we feel like it's increasing at a dizzying rate? Likely because 500, 100, or even 40 years ago, each act of violence was experienced by the people directly impacted by it. Today, each act of violence is experienced by whoever the news feed reaches, for however many retraumatizations (through tweet or blog post or video clip) a person can stomach. 
  3. A manhunt will find the kid, but the only way to prevent violence is to understand its context. As Phil Zimbardo says in his segment, "The line between good and evil -- which privileged people like to think is fixed and impermeable, with them on the good side, and the others on the bad side -- I knew that line was movable, and it was permeable... If you want to change a person, you've got to change the situation. If you want to change the situation, you've got to know where the power is in the system."